Pet Solutions

Allana understands the priceless and magical bond that you share with your pet, and to celebrate this relationship, we present our delicious line of Animal Protein-Rich dried dog food products from India. They say that dogs are man’s best friend. Happy and healthy dogs are a pleasure to have around the house and guarantee that you’ll always have a smile on your face. But how do you make them smile? With our exciting range of Animal Protein-Rich dried dog chews and food products from India, of course!

  • We are established market leaders in manufacturing and exporting
    natural pet treats and pet food.
  • Operate FIVE modern production facilities strategically located
    across India.
  • Global footprint extends to Ethiopia with another manufacturing
  • Committed to providing the best quality, nutritious food for
    pets worldwide.
  • Focus on bringing happiness and increasing vitality for pets.
  • Products made from natural ingredients offer a variety of snacking
    options for pets.
  • Ideal as training aids, high in protein, and low in fat helps keep
    your pet playful & active.