Allana Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. has proudly been India’s leading green coffee exporter for several consecutive years, with annual exports ranging from 24,000 to 30,000 tons. In 1982, we expanded into coffee exports by establishing a dedicated Coffee Division in Bangalore. Ideally located near the Coffee Board in the heart of Karnataka, which produces 70% of India’s coffee, this division quickly thrived. Led by a team of industry experts and supported by Allana Consumer Product’s robust infrastructure, the Coffee Division swiftly became a prominent force in the industry.

Allana Consumer Products acquired a Coffee-Curing factory in Hassan, Karnataka, in 1992, strategically located between Chikmagalur and Coorg. This facility is now expanded and modernised, and includes an in-house cup-tasting facility for precise coffee evaluation. Additionally, we own large warehouses in Cochin and Mangalore for cargo management, with a dedicated monsoon facility in Mangalore, ensuring our Curing Division reliably supplies high-quality coffee beans and consistently meets deadline

Allana Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. exports a wide range of washed and unwashed Arabicas and Robustas, including Monsooned Coffees. As one of the largest coffee exporters in India, we also excel in speciality coffee, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of all buyers, whether they're seeking speciality coffee, single estate coffee, or commercial coffee.