Building A Safe Workplace

With the Covid-19 protocols in place and several safety policies, we create a safe environment for our employees to work in.

Creating a safe environment for our employees

Allana Consumer Products Pvt Ltd gives prime importance to the Safety, Health & Environment aspects across all stakeholders of the organization. Towards the same, we maintain an environment of creating, maintaining and ensuring a healthy & safe workplace by striving for “Zero Accidents & Zero Occupational Illness” of all our employees.

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Where Caution and Empathy
Go Hand-In-Hand

Allana Consumer Products has always followed a zero-compromise policy when it comes to the safety and security of our employees. Our commitment remains unaverred in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has hit everyone worldwide.

We believe complete caution and a commitment to following the Government-set guidelines to combat COVID-19 at workplaces is the only way forward. To begin with, we strictly follow the mandatory precautionary measures viz., thermal screening, hand sanitization, social distancing at every step and wearing masks at all times.

Additionally, we have installed multiple hand wash & hand sanitization stations across all our offices & factories and also follow periodic sanitization procedures. As an integral part of our COVID-19 safety initiative, we educate our employees on following statutory safety protocols. We guide them at every contact point such that we can establish not only their safety but also their team’s safety, at all times.