Stir Fry Chicken in Tandoori Sauce

Culinary Solutions May 9, 2022


Find some delicious Crispy Chicken roasted to perfection, with the finger licking sauce, to make you go crazy about chicken!

Stir Fry Chicken in Tandoori Sauce


Extra light olive oil

100 ml

Garlic gms

30 ml

Ginger gms

20 ml


2 gms

Kashmiri red chili powder

5 gms

Lime juice

2 ml

Hung curd

50 gms

Kasoori methi

1 gms


75 gms

Mix bell peppers

75 gms

Boneless chicken

500 gms

Tandoori dip

150 gms

Fresh cream

75 ml

Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

Step 1

Wash & clean chicken. Cut chicken in 1 inch cubes.

Step 2

Make paste of ginger & garlic.

Step 3

Marinate chicken with little oil, half ginger garlic paste, turmeric, kashmiri red chili powder, lime juice, Hung curd, salt & kasoori methi. Keep it aside for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Cut onion 1 inch and separate the layers.

Step 5

Cut bell peppers similar to onions.

Step 6

In a hot pan add oil and add chicken to it. Stir fry till cooked. Keep it aside.

Step 7

In the same pan add oil saute bell peppers for 30 seconds and then onions for 30 seconds.

Step 8

Add tandoori dip and stir fried chicken to it. Bring it to a boil and turn off the flame. Finish with fresh cream and mix well.

Step 9

Serve hot. Garnish It with a drizzle of fresh cream.

Note: this can be done in semi dry and gravy form as well by adjusting the consistency of gravy.

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